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Hi, I'm Cait.

Caitlin Everett is the owner and founder of

Bendy Body Pilates. 

The Bendy Path to Pilates

Caitlin found Pilates through her yoga practice, which began in 2004. After being a devoted yoga practitioner for many years, she traveled to Thailand in 2016 and became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher through The Yoga People. Although her yoga practice was strong and consistent, she began to notice that she still needed a bit “extra” for stability and strength training. In 2016, she found Pilates (specifically the reformer), observing that she was naturally rehabilitating her body in an unprecedented way. In 2018, she became a 500-hour certified Pilates instructor through Club Pilates. 

She often refers to the reformer as a “magic machine” that rehabilitates the entire body systematically. Her style of teaching is nothing short of athletic and very contemporary—and she prides herself on never teaching the same class flow twice. Since the classes are unique, she leaves her clients on their toes and learning new things about their bodies each day. As a Pilates instructor, she will help you find muscles that you didn’t know you had and create a curiosity within yourself that promotes growth. Her view on strength training is bio-individualistic, all humans are exclusively different and require variations to become safely and efficiently stronger.

The Team


Rachel took her first Pilates Class in 2006. She originally sought it out for low back pain and to help

alleviate knee pain from a high school sports injury. In 2015 she transitioned that love into a

profession and successfully completed a 500 hour teacher training program and certification. Since

getting certified Rachel has taken multiple advanced certification courses for injuries and special

populations as well as athletic programing. She loves working with all levels and clients can expect

to gain strength, flexibility and balance.

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Monica is a 2023 graduate of a 300 hour rigorous Pilates teacher training program through Club Pilates. Her program included extensive course work in anatomy and experience with special populations. She's here not as a faded athlete, but as a contemporary Pilates instructor excited to be a part of your Pilates journey. From wise soul to youthful spirit, roll out your mat (or jump on a reformer), step into your strength, and let's redefine what it means to move, and to truly live.

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Jennifer received her first Pilates mat certification back in 2007 from The Pilates Certification Center, based out of Raleigh NC and Richmond VA. From there, she continued to earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) with that company and then moved on to workshops and CECs with Stott Pilates. She has studied and earned various other CECs under different movement practitioners such as Ido Portal (one of Conner McGregor’s coaches) and Dr. Kelly Starrett (NY times bestselling author of Supple Leopard) and Anthony Carey M.A CSCS (Pain Free movement specialist).

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